Ready for a revolutionary change in the way you manage your car dealer supplies? At Dealer One Stop, we’re not merely providers but strategic partners, and your success is our success. While we remain committed to providing print and toner solutions that augment savings and boost efficiency for your auto dealership, we’re thrilled to announce significant improvements! Our auto dealer supplies, alongside our janitorial and sanitation product offerings for auto dealerships, are now better than ever. Furthermore, we’ve also enhanced our car dealership supplies, furniture, and technology offerings for improved quality and value.

Dealer One Stop with StaplesOur latest business advancement has prompted us to collaborate with Staples, utilizing their exceptional Business Advantage program. This venture has resulted in a consolidated, user-friendly platform designed to cater exclusively to your dealership requirements.

The foundation of this partnership is built on a mutual appreciation for substance and service. Our Founder and CEO, Mark Mackson, applauds Staples for its exceptional product diversity, swift logistics, and aptitude for adaptable pricing solutions. Marks says,

“Staples was able to work with us to put together a program that is designed for all car dealer department needs, and it’s way beyond just office supplies.”

Banking on our 30 years of experience in providing auto dealer supplies, we offer a broad spectrum of products and services. Through our cooperation with Staples, we have significantly strengthened this commitment. We’ve meticulously curated custom buying lists for each department in your dealership, engineered to streamline your procurement process, and hit competitive price points.

It’s more than just a selection of products; it’s a solution. Ryan Hall, General Manager at HGreg Nissan Kendall, spoke about our services, saying,

“We chose to use Dealer One Stop with Staples for our supplies because it solved a lot of our challenges. We had each department purchasing from different suppliers at different pricing and no way to track it. This led to drastically different costs with price creep occurring in ways it shouldn’t. The Dealer One Stop solution allows us to have one place to purchase facilities, fixed ops, and office supplies that save us money, all through a single source.”

Focussed on optimizing every corner of your cost structure, we offer competitive prices and unmatched service as part of our drive for overall car dealer cost reduction and profit increase. We understand that, in today’s business world, every penny counts and can add up to significant savings over time.

Our commitment to your success incorporates much more than just office supplies and discounts. We promise excellent auto dealer office supplies, meticulous vendor vetting, advocacy, and growth strategies developed exclusively for your dealership. Experience a transformation with the Business Advantage Program. Let us at Dealer One Stop, hand in hand with Staples, revolutionize your dealership operations.

easy buttonAre you ready to embrace a more profitable future? Simplify your supply chain with Dealer One Stop and Staples. Your one-stop shop for an efficient, cost-effective dealership is just a click away. Hit the “Easy Button” and take your auto dealership to the next level with the Staples Business Advantage Program.

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