More Than 30 Years Of

Complete Auto Dealership Supplies and Solutions

Saving Dealers $50,000 Per Year

Way more than just office supplies

Printer Toner

Car Dealer Office Supplies - Ink and Toner

Automatic toner solutions with big savings & no contracts or minimums. Never run out of toner or have to stock more than you need!

Facilities, Sanitation & Janitorial

Facilities and JanSan Supplies - Auto Dealers

Save thousands with just-in-time auto dealership supplies for cleaning, disinfecting & maintaining restroom consumables with high-end dispensers.

Fixed Operations &
Customer Lounge

staples bucket

Improve CSI scores and employee retention with fixed ops solutions, automatically delivered premium coffee, beverages and snacks that enhance the customer experience.

Office Supplies, Furniture
& Technology

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Save time with streamlined ordering & discounted pricing on supplies for accounting, sales & finance offices plus commercial-quality furniture & technology.

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Dealer One Stop with Staples
Dealer One Stop with Staples
Dealer One Stop with Staples

Dealer One Stop Advantages

Auto Dealership Supplies

Ease of Ordering

Time Savings

Increased Efficiencies

Superior Products

Significant Savings

Auto Dealership Supplies

Dealer One Stop was a product of 30 years of experience in automotive dealership procurement, that was specifically designed to improve the ordering experience and bottom line for the car dealership industry. The result is a combination of the right products, consistently discounted pricing and solution-based technology that delivers auto dealer supplies with efficiency and savings to our customers.

Solutions & Supplies For


Controller/Chief Financial Officer


Facility Operations Personnel


Fixed Operations Director


Parts Department Manager


Service Department Manager


Sales Management Team


Auto Dealer Office Supplies


Office Managers


And Much More!

Solutions and Supplies for Car Dealers

Technology & Solutions
To Real Dealership Problems

When you’re dealing with inflation, a challenging job market, and supply chain disruptions, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your auto dealership supplies and staff wasting time, struggling to keep your business essentials available at the right price.

Solving Supply Chain Challenges For Auto Dealers

Consistent Pricing and Discounts Across ALL Departments For

Car Dealer Supplies

Most Auto Dealerships Experience a $50,000 Profit Leak

We Plug Those Holes!

Our Solutions Deliver


Unified Dealership Ordering Process


Standardized Dept Pricing & Discounts


Dealership Reporting
& Tracking By Dept


ONE Place For All Dealership Supplies

Designed Specifically for Auto Dealers

Our auto dealership supplies and solutions are designed specifically for car dealers. We know your business and have built solutions tailored to your needs.


No membership fees, contracts or minimum orders.

Time Is Money

Hassle-free online ordering, auto-replenish options and on-demand delivery save your team 3-5 labor hours per week.

Quality Is Key

For more than 30 years we have been providing best-in-class brands, products and services to our car dealer clients. 

Savings Are Big

You’ll experience a $50k per year savings for the average single rooftop dealership and well into the 6 figures for multi-rooftop dealers.

At the Speed of NOW

We understand the car business and the speed at which it operates. You need what you need and you need it now – not after it has disrupted your team – your customers or your revenue. That’s why our car dealer supplies and solutions give you the technology you need to be efficient and cost-effective right NOW!

Intelligent Tracking With Automated Recommendations
Makes It EASY, Saves Time & Money

Designed for Car Dealers

It’s not just about getting the car dealer supplies you need, but making it more efficient, easier, and at a lower cost. We use technology that makes managing your supplies easier, so that it saves your team time, increases efficiencies, and provides superior products so that you save a significant amount of money!


Save $50k/year

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