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Fixed ops solutions, automatically delivered premium coffee, beverages, snacks and more.

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Car Dealer Fixed Ops Supplies

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About new coffee & water filter equipment upgrades

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Auto Dealer Office Supplies

Custom Curated Products For The Car Dealership

Auto Dealer Fixed Ops Solutions

Dealer One Stop with Staples delivers everything you need to ensure that your customer and employee experience is top-notch and always supplied properly. 

Auto Dealer Fixed Ops and shop Supplies and Solutions

Fixed Ops Solutions

Recognizing the complexities involved in managing Fixed Operations within a Dealership, Dealer One Stop with Staples has taken steps to streamline the process of locating, ordering, and managing essential products, making it more efficient and straightforward.

Supplies and Solutions for Auto Dealer Fixed Operations

Customer Lounge Solutions

Enhancing the customer experience is of paramount importance in our industry. Offering top-tier amenities, such as snacks and beverages, along with a welcoming environment for relaxation, work, or browsing, demonstrates your genuine concern for your customers’ experience. Dealer One Stop with Staples provides a comprehensive range of products and furnishings to help you achieve this goal. Talk with our experts to design your perfect customer spaces and experience.

Breakroom & Customer Lounge Products & Supplies

We make it easy to ensure that your CSI scores improve with the supplies you need to keep your customer experience and breakrooms top-notch.

Car Dealer Breakroom & Customer Lounge Appliances and Products

Breakroom Appliances

Car Dealer Coffee, Coffee Makers & Supplies

Coffee & Supplies

Car Dealer Candy, Gum & Mints - Snacks Fixed Ops

Candy, Gum & Mints

Car Dealer Breakroom Supplies - Plates, Cups & Cutlery

Plates, Cups & Cutlery

Car Dealer Customer Lounge Water & Beverage Supplies

Water & Beverages

Car Dealer Customer Lounge & Breakroom - Snacks & Food

Snacks & Food

Car Dealer Automatic Restock Solution for breakroom and customer lounge

Auto Restock

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About new coffee & water filter equipment upgrades

The Advantages Are Clear

The advantages of Dealer One Stop are focused on how your dealership operates. You get:


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How It Works

Dealer One Stop combines 30+ years of automotive dealership procurement experience with the supplies that dealerships need. By understanding the unique and complex world of auto dealers, Dealer One Stop eliminates the hassles, blind spots and daily obstacles that cost dealerships time and money. We do this by identifying the products you need most, negotiating the best pricing and delivering them to you quickly and without surprises. Our processes are time-tested, dealer-approved and guaranteed. You have nothing to lose, with no contracts, hidden fees or minimum orders.

Simple, Efficient, Savings

The Dealer One Stop with Staples solution gives you literally thousands of products for your auto dealership, all in one place

Unified Pricing

Lower Costs & Improved Experiences

Dealer One Stop ensures that your fixed operations supplies are delivered on time, hassle-free and priced right. We lower costs across all departments and there are never any surprises. Get started with Dealer One Stop today.