Office printing has always been an essential aspect of any auto dealership, and with the advent of new technology and an ever-changing automotive industry, the need for printers and toner has continued to increase. However, this has also resulted in a fragmented market with many printer brands, models, and features, as well as the continued proprietary nature that brands deploy for toner and ink cartridges.

The fragmented office printing market can make it difficult for car dealers to manage their printing needs and control their expenses. Fortunately, the right Device Control App, sometimes called a Data Collection Agent (DCA), can eliminate many related issues for auto dealers.

So, how do car dealerships manage their printer fleet securely and efficiently?

How Auto Dealers Manage Their Printers Efficiently

One of the most significant issues facing businesses within the printer market is the complexity of managing different printer brands and models. This complexity can lead to inefficiencies and can cause businesses to overspend on their printer toner supplies and management needs. With the right DCA or, sometimes called a “Cloud Printing Monitor,” businesses can easily manage all their printers from one central location. The DCA provides a simple and intuitive interface allowing users to manage all their printers, regardless of brand or model.

Unfortunately, many MPS and DCA service providers offer little efficiency improvements to car dealers, while extracting additional costs through pay-per-page, contracts, leases, and other smoke and mirror options that end up increasing the dealership’s expenses and locking them into ineffective agreements. But most car dealers are not aware that there is a better way to get savings on their massive printer and toner costs, while at the same time improving efficiencies within their dealership and without a contract.

Simple and Effective DCA and MPS Solution for Auto Dealers

The right DCA and MPS program for your dealership should be simple and hassle-free. It should not take days or weeks to implement and set up within your organization. In fact, an effective DCA and MPS program should take less than an hour to set up within your network, and you should have help and support to make it come together smoothly, all without a contract.

Barriers to Using MPS and a DCA for Auto Dealers

There are often several critical disadvantages to a managed printer service or DCA program within a car dealership. But to be clear, these disadvantages are present with most, but not all, providers. The main disadvantages are the REAL costs, loss of control, inefficiencies, and contracts or agreements. None of these disadvantages are a part of the MPS solution but are present with most other providers.

Outsourcing Concerns

To make matters even more challenging, industry sources now report that certain car dealer solution providers are beginning to outsource critical components of their offerings. This is creating real concerns that it will likely lead to problems servicing customers, resulting in fear that the customers aren’t going to get what they need.

Let’s break down some of the barriers that auto dealers face with an MPS and DCA program:

Contracts:  MPS and printer toner contracts for dealership printers are limiting and are ineffective at cost containment. Furthermore, they lock auto dealers into something that ends up costing them MORE.

Monthly Fees:  Many ineffective MPS and DCS programs charge dealerships a monthly fee for the service. Avoid any programs that require a contract OR a monthly fee. They are not necessary and

Security: Be sure that the DCA, MPS program, and the overall solution you are being offered put security as a high priority. Ensure that their Cloud Printing Monitor tool is secure, following best practices for security, and can show audits of their code proving it. Furthermore, be sure that the software is open source, and you and your team can review the code yourself to ensure it is compliant with your policies, as well as government regulatory agencies.

IT Departments:  The solution you consider for managing your printer and toner expenses should reduce the time and issues facing your IT department, not increase them. More often than not, MPS and DCA solutions create more time and effort requirements for your staff, which doesn’t improve efficiency.

Benefits of the Right MPS Program for Car Dealerships

Another issue facing businesses is the high cost of printer maintenance and support. With so many different printer models and brands, it can be not easy to find a service provider who can handle all the different types of printers. This can result in increased costs and reduced efficiency. The DCA offers a solution by providing a comprehensive maintenance and support service that covers all types of printers. This means businesses can get all the support they need without dealing with multiple service providers.

Additionally, the DCA offers cost-effective printing solutions that can help businesses save money on their printing needs. The DCA can track printing usage, identify inefficiencies, and recommend cost-saving measures. This can result in significant savings for businesses over time.

One of the key advantages of the DCA is that it does not require any contracts. This means that businesses can try out the service without committing to a long-term agreement. This is a significant advantage for businesses, as it allows them to test the service and ensure that it meets their needs before making a long-term commitment.

These things, coupled with a provider that does not outsource key components of their services overseas or to other companies, will ensure that their services, products, and the entire solution will achieve great results!

DCA with the Correct MPS

In conclusion, the Device Control App (DCA) and the correct MPS printer toner solution are excellent options for dealerships looking to manage their printing needs in the ever-increasing fragmented market. When coupled with a powerful MPS management and automation solution, a secure DCA offers a comprehensive efficiency and support system, which delivers cost-effective auto dealership printing solutions, and does not require any contracts. This makes it an ideal choice for car dealers looking to streamline their printing operations and save money. If you’re interested in learning more about the DCA, be sure to check out their website and explore their services.