Car buyers care a tremendous amount about the reviews Auto Dealerships get!


Did you know that 60% of auto buyers are willing to drive over 50 miles for a dealership with positive online reviews.


Treating customers well and ensuring they have an amazing experience with your dealership is just half the battle. Turning those great buying experiences into a bullhorn of trust online is the key to pulling in customers.

Customer review questions to ask yourself about your auto dealership.

1- Does your dealership have a plan and training to ensure customers always have a great experience?

2- Does your dealership have an effective aftercare process to ensure customers write positive reviews?

3- How could your auto dealership better use those reviews in your social and marketing efforts to capture the attention of more potential customers?

Attracting customers outside of your traditional geographic area should be an additional focus you have to grow revenues. Knowing the current data on how far customers will travel for a great car buying experience should help you to add a new focus in this area.